Gypsy Jess

Okay- you’re at work! There’s only one thing that can make the time pass quickly… Gypsy Jess on the radio playing the very best of the 70s, 80s, and 90s as well as Today’s Best Mix. Whether it’s today’s hottest stars or yesterday’s best songs, you’ll find yourself escaping work and tapping away at your desk, in your car or at the job site.

Everyday at 11:30 Jess transforms middays on the Mixx into the All-80s Mixx Midday Café. That means nothing but 80s music for 90 minutes as you have lunch with some of the decade’s biggest stars from Madonna to Huey Lewis & the News. It doesn’t end there as she provides tidbits about 80s superstars, their music and what they’re doing now.

Mon-Fri | 11:30a-6p